Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan is updated annually after the AGM to reflect current aims. The version showing is 2016/2017.

Strategic Themes Goals Actions
Membership 1. To increase membership year on year
  • -Raise awareness of the Institute through member contacts
  • -Regular update of activities to members via e-communications
  • – Ensure other safety bodies are aware of us
  • – Continue to develop the member’s area on the website to add value
  • – Look at the opportunity for organisational membership
Policy development 1. To identify and develop policies where appropriate
2. To disseminate policies to other professional bodies, government and interested parties
3. To respond to policies and statements of other professional bodies and government where appropriate
  • -Update constitution as appropriate
  • -Consult membership and other organisations on relevant policies, develop and disseminate accordingly
  • -Link into NICE guidelines for policy guidance
  • -Link into Public Health Injury Prevention
Campaigning, lobbying, advocacy 1. To strengthen existing skills, networking and infrastructure to support effective campaigning, lobbying and advocacy
2. To be known as an organisation which has a proven track record as measured qualitatively and quantitatively by references in major policy documents and contributions to other professional activities etc
  • -Attendance and input to National and Local Home Safety Committees and other bodies as appropriate
  • -Publish updates of member’s activities on the website
Information & education 1. To provide regular updates for the Institute’s website
2. To encourage continual professional development
3. To inform members of the activities of other safety groups
  • -Ensure policy statements, meeting overviews and regular bulletins are on website
  • -Encourage all members to contribute information on their own organisations activities to disseminate
  • -Publish on website FAQ’s home safety training opportunities
  • -Develop accidental injury images photo library for members

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